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Organic Finca Workshops: 2. Biochar and ramial wood chip compost; techniques for cycling your tree prunings for long term benefit - €20

How to prune olives and almonds (in production and abandoned) and how to make best use of all that useful organic material to cycle nutrients, minerals and carbon back into the orchard.


An overview of useful tools for finca orchard pruning.

How to prune olive and almond trees.

Don't burn your prunings! - Instead make Biochar with them. A long terms stable form of carbon in your soils that improves water, mineral and beneficial microbiology retention.

Ramial wood chip compost, what is it, and how it could revolutionise your orchard and veg garden (and get you free hot water...).

A delicious mid-morning snack made from Finca Slow farm produce and home made sourdough bread plus tea and coffee included.

NB: This is a practical workshops so please bring appropriate work clothes, boots and work gloves.

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