Dig, no-dig dilemma...


So we started our no-dig garden by digging. The justification being that years of compaction on heavy clay soil by the previous owner would mean a seriously up hill battle to create a workable deep loam...

The theory of no-dig gardening is a closer emulation of how nature works; undisturbed bacteria, fungi, micro and macro organisms all getting on with life in and amongst our vegetables creating healthy, aerobic soil that requires less and less work each year.

So we used our new rotavator to till the beds once.

And I rotavated the main irrigation pipe, in a blink of an eye making the economic frugality of using skip-dived drip irrigation pipe a joke, as I had to buy several expensive bits to put it right.

I still haven't put it right.

To dig or not to dig, that is the question.

Check out Charles Dowding, our no-dig guru: http://www.charlesdowding.co.uk