Caldo Sulfocálcico - eco home brew


We made our first DIY organic orchard treatment last week, caldo sulfocálcico, or lime sulphur soup. We got the recipe from organic agriculture activist Jairo Restrepo in his amazing book the ABC Of Organic Agriculture. Sadly only in Spanish so far...

He, alongside another legend, Eugenio Gras, have been working with farmers in Central and South America to develop homemade, farm scale organic recipes to increase production while also increasing fertility and land health.

We made a rocket stove from concrete blocks and then boiled 100 litres of water in an oil drum, before adding powdered sulphur and lime plus ashes from our wood stove and cooking for more than an hour.

It took me a very long time however to learn how to drive the rocket stove and boil the water in the first place, hence the night shot!!

The caldo will be used to help our almonds and olives develop immunity against fungal disease and some pest attacks. We'll be using it in very low concentration so it works more like a tonic for the trees.

And of course spraying it on with the newly acquired Terra CSA two-wheel tractor!

Click here to see a video of Eugenio making the caldo :